How To Set Up Scandinavian Style Christmas Table?

Christmas table scandinavian style table setting ideas

The rule number one is USE TWO OR THREE COLORS ONLY. As Scandinavian interior is based mostly on white, then one good idea is to mix white with red for Christmas décor. If you have red linen tablecloth, white linen napkins and white plates then the candles are a great accent to this.

Scandinavian people love natural material as pure linen, wool and wooden Christmas decorations. If you have a natural linen large tablecloth already, then just add red or white table runners to lay across the tablecloth, pick some white linen napkins and voila!

Also dark navy blue with white table linens are a popular color choice for Scandinavian style Christmas table setting.

Scandinavian style Christmas table is simple, with pure lines and without deco exaggerations. Rule number two is DO NOT OVER-DECORATE! If you have pure linen tablecloth and some napkins or runners and tableware with simple forms, then white candles are just perfect accent of Christmas décor.

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